Share Date: 14 December 2023 1 dk Reading Time

🚀 Swatchloop Signed Sustainable Success at Lonca Entrepreneurship Center!


Swatchloop, which stands out with its sustainable innovations in the textile sector, successfully completed the 7th term program at the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center supported by Kuveyt Türk.

We were highlighted by Lonca Entrepreneurship Center with the value we provide in the field of sustainability and reducing the environmental impact in the textile sector by being among the 13 prominent startups such as Swatchloop, Anneler Satıyor, Geliver, Sadetoptan.

The entrepreneurs brought together by Lonca Entrepreneurship Center with training and mentorship support not only received training but also had the opportunity to develop their projects with various supports. Swatchloop aims to further expand our sustainable digital ecosystem and reinforce our pioneering role in the industry.

"With the support and opportunities provided by Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, we had the opportunity to bring sustainable textile innovations to a wider audience. This experience strengthened our mission to add more value to both the industry and the environment." said Güneş Sayıt, one of our Swatchloop Co-Founders.

Swatchloop will continue to contribute to a sustainable future in the textile industry by combining our efforts in sustainability and innovation with the opportunities offered by the Guild Entrepreneurship Center.🌱💙🚀