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Digital Solution for Waste Management and Tracking in Textile

We simplicate and accelerate your circular economy and industrial symbiosis processes in textiles

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We Provide More Efficient Recycling of Textile Wastes

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92 Million Tons

textile waste is produced every year around the world

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recycling rate of textiles

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textile to textile recycling

what does it do?

Swatchloop identifies waste technically for more efficient recycling of textile waste and offers smart suggestions to provide correct sorting and collaboration with machine learning. In addition, it provides data analysis with the ability to tracking all recycling processes in a sustainable and be transparent, from the QR code to the final consumer.

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Sorting at Source

We offer a fast and low-cost solution to sorting at the source.

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Traceable and Transparent

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Carbon Footprint

You can track all your recycling processes and manage your recycling supply chain.

We provide that your recycling processes with a lower carbon footprint.

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Circular Economy

We promote to the circular economy with recycling from textile to textile

About Us

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