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Swatchloop was founded by three textile engineers and a computer engineer who identified the waste management problems of the textile industry in the field and won awards from many important competitions. With the textile experience of the team and the studies carried out, we came to the conclusion that inefficiency increases in the recycling of the wastes generated during production when the processes start without sorting from the source, and therefore end-to-end tracking is not possible. Increasing volumes of textile products need to be sorted and prepared for reuse or recycling. As Swatchloop, we offer digital solutions for sorting at source and facilitate the processes.

There are many bottlenecks to realizing the circular economy. One of the biggest obstacles is that information about the product or material (e.g. raw material, production and coloring method, other chemical processes) does not travel with the products and materials in the value chain. The digital passport (DP) is seen as a respected tool for communicating textile supply chain data between stakeholders such as brands and manufacturers, public authorities, consumers, NGOs and civil society actors. We are enabling the transition to a circular economy by creating digital passports that are unique for waste, raw materials and products to ensure the seamless flow of data across the entire value chain.


A system change is needed to create a recovery flow of recycled textiles along the value chain. Establishing a more efficient textile recycling and upcycling system requires collaboration between all parts of the supply chain such as brands, manufacturers, collectors, green initiatives and recycling companies. We pioneer the establishment of the necessary collaborations by making smart suggestions and matching with artificial intelligence infrastructure.


Providing digitally tracked waste to recyclers makes the waste management process more efficient. Recyclers can plan better by knowing what type and quantity of material to expect. This collaboration increases the rate at which waste materials are properly processed into raw materials. With value chain management, we enable brands and producers to track and monitor their waste in real time with the digital tracking element. The Swatchloop digital tracking element does not physically affect production processes and does not require separate devices and additional costs. In this way, tracking can be performed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Today, consumers want to know the production stages of products and waste management. Digitally defined waste ensures traceability and transparency of products, increasing brand loyalty and giving consumers more confidence. This approach promotes waste reduction, recycling and material reuse, while supporting environmental protection and economic efficiency. With the digital product passport, we provide transparency for brands' products regarding all recycling processes, and with data analysis, we ensure that important information about all recycling processes is transparently shared with consumers and customers. With its infrastructure, Swatchloop classifies all data meaningfully and provides brands and manufacturers with comparative analysis of their waste and stakeholders in the value chain.

As Swatchloop, we aim to increase the circular economy in textiles and spread it all over the world based on the principles of customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and sustainability.

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